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Banhez Ensemble

Banhez Ensemble

🇲🇽 Oaxaca

42% ABV

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DroitS Inclus, Hors TVA


Comprised of 90% Espadín and 10% Barril agaves, this mezcal is delightfully mild, floral and fruity (pineapple, banana). Banhez Ensamble is perfect for first-time mezcal tasters and wonderful for cocktail innovation.

Tasting Notes

👃 Earthy, Smoky, Fruity

👅 Sweet, Peppery, Dry

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Recommended Pour

Mezcal Margarita

The flavours of Banhez Ensemble Mezcal can be best enjoyed in a Mezcal Margarita. To make your own combine Banhez Ensemble Mezcal, an orange liqueur, and lime juice.