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Kiss My

Kiss My Nuts

Kiss My Nuts

🇧🇪 Izegem, Belgium

21 ABV

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DroitS Inclus, Hors TVA


Kiss My Nuts is a bold, rich and generously spiced aperitif that is also well-suited to pairing with rich meals, and stiff cocktails, combining robust red wine with a substantial blend of nuttiness and sweet spice.

Tasting Notes

👃 Bold, Nutty, Spicy

👅 Rich, Berries, Warm

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Recommended Pour

Spicy Coca

To bring out Kiss My Nuts’ tantalising richness, pour 50ml over cubed ice in a highball glass, along with 30ml Spiced Rum, and a healthy 100ml of Premium Tonic to lengthen and accentuate its bold character.