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Pastis Artigianale

Pastis Artigianale

🇮🇹 Boves, Italy

45% ABV

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DroitS Inclus, Hors TVA

Pastis Artigianale is the first handcrafted Italian Pastis. It is inspired by the traditional French aperitif and is enjoyed best with family and friends before a meal.

Tasting Notes

👃 Lemon, Orange, and Pastis

👅 Sweet, Licorice, and Oaky Spice

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Recommended Pour

Pastis Aperitif

While Argalà’s Pastis Artigianale can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, it is most often enjoyed as a classic aperitif. To make your own, pour 1 part Pastis and 5 parts fresh water into a glass and add 2 ice cubes. When diluted, the aromas and flavours of the spirit are more delicate making it the perfect serve to enjoy with friends before a meal.